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Exciting trend in Latin America

Exciting trend in Latin America. Our country should follow it?

Countries like Ecuador are pioneers in this beautiful idea. The trend is called "Come Dog" and aims to save a lot of dogs that have been abandoned by their masters. The program consists of placing dispensers of dog food and water in areas where the number of abandoned dogs is large. This dispensers are a kind of metal containers, which are protected from the sun and rain, with capacity hold 25 kilos of concentrate and have two jars for water.
As expected, a lot of dog food to sniff distance and arrive in droves. At the beginning, start to arriving the healtyes, but in few days, start to arrive the sick malnourished and eaten away by mange.
The campaign is a success if the neighbors are agree to provide balanced feed and take care the dispensers. In addition, the fact that all these dogs gather allows public authorities vaccinating and neutering to prevent them from multiplying.
The neighbors are very happy because they think this campaign is a "humanitarian" gesture. The fact of providing food to those dogs who once had a home but their owners tired of them and throw them into the street makes the neighbors very happy.

dog street

If you think that this type of campaign must exist in your neighborhood, please comment this post and share and help us to viralize it.
Now to raise awareness even more, we show you a beautiful story about a man who saved a stray dog that was about to die. The idea is that we can prevent our canine friends come to not suffer like the dog will see in the next video.
This man called Wilson Martins Coutinho and for us this is what we know as a superhero. A few months ago he rescued from the streets of Nova Iguaçu (Brazil) to a pit bull dog breed seriously injured:
dog hungry

The dog was in a clear state of neglect, with a serious wound in the back of your body that possibly if Wilson had not helped him, he would cause a slow and painful death.
The dog was named David and as you can see in the pictures, he fought for his life from minute one. During his recovery he had to perform several blood transfusions and give you some vitamin complexes. The recovery was slow but eventually the analyzes confirmed their full recovery.
Dog before and after

 His recovery is exciting moment to moment. Click here to see the video
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