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Healthy habits against stress

Healthy habits against stress

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Actually we live at a pace so fast that is normal that you feel stressed. We overload us with a lot of problems. The mortgage, the education of our child, problems with our boss, the traffic jam, and a long etc. All this things causes bad effects to our healthy.
While we must turn to a doctor, the American Heart Association indicates 10 Healthy habits we can do to combat stress.

  • Talk with family and friends.

It seems simple, but you sometimes don’t take care of this. Friendship and love is a great medicine.  Call or write to our friends or family, sharing our fears, problems and worries, is a fabulous method to avoid the stress.
  • Regular physical activity
Choose an activity that you're passionate about, and it can perform every day. Remember: healthy mind is a healthy body! You can walk, swim, ride a bike, dance and a lot of beautiful things. The physical activity improve your physical and mind state. Adults who realize daily exercises have a lower risk of depression and heart’s issues.

  • Accept the things that we can’t change.
There are certain things that we can change, but there are others, that the time or circumstances of life, we can’t. Never say: “I’m too old”, you can always learn new things, working towards a goal, helping the others. That is life.

  • Laugh! We Laugh all that you can
 Laughter is a very good medicine, is a real antidote against the stress. The laugh makes us feel good, it’s contagious, causing increases happiness that cause healthy physical changes in your body.
Cut now with the bad habits!
Cut with alcohol, cigarettes and caffeine excess. Don’t lose your time, that don’t help you to fight against the stress.

  • Let’s go down a change.
It’s difficult, I know. We run back and forth, as if life were a race. It's difficult, I know. Always in a hurry. Unenjoyable time, but it accelerated. Why not plan ahead and allow time for more important things to do ... I'll try!

  • Get enough sleep.


Recommend sleep 6 to 8 hours each night. If a mother with a baby of months is reading this note, she may wonder how to sleep so many hours. “My baby of 4 months wake me up every three hours, so I can’t sleep enough “

  • Organize.
We have "thousands" of things to do in the day or week. Then, we should make a list in which we mark the priorities and perform one at a time.

  • Help a friend or return a favor.

Feel that we are helping others generates a feeling of happiness that makes our feel usefully and be usefully to the others that are benefited by our actions.

  • Try not live worried.
If something from the list we could not realize, don’t worry. Nothing will happen if we leave it for the next day.

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