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Stress, The Silent murderer

Stress, The Silent murderer

Stress is a problem that affects a large number of people in the United States, studies claim that a third of North America live in a state of extreme stress.
Among the main causes of stress, money and employment are the two factors that lead this conflict. In recent years, the surveys revealed that the housing crisis is affecting many people in the United States, half of the population said the rent and mortgage costs caused great concern, affecting health directly.

How do you manage stress?

Stress management is essential to maintain good physical and mental health. At first it may seem a "asylee situation" that eventually passes, but most cases of chronic stress often become severely affecting people and making it impossible to lead a happy life.

A stressed person lacks motivation, this leads him to not "want to be cured," containment family, friends, loved ones is necessary, etc.

Chronic stress or advanced stress is a silent enemy that if not treated in time can lead to serious health problems. It is necessary to carry out a series of guidelines to help improve.

1- Make Sports

Playing sports is par excellence one of the best ways to eliminate stress, physical activity, rejuvenates and purifies the human body, try to enjoy the sport, choose a discipline that helps you clear your mind and forget the routine problems for an hour.

2- Eating well

Food plays a very important role in the life of every human being function. To enjoy a happy life is necessary to feed and hydrate well. The addition of fruit to the diet is the best thing when you suffer stress, the contribution of natural sugar and water to increase body defenses and prevent disease. You need to also eat protein and carbohydrates without fats, avoid junk food and soda.

3- Learn to say NO

To get a good quality of life is necessary to move away from alcohol, drugs and snuff and is not an easy task. This requires having support from family and friends, it is essential to be surrounded by people with positive interests and discussions on a remote and ill-treatment environment.

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